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I can't say anything about blu ecig, but the Ecig that we use (tank+Mod) is way way safer than regular cigarettes. Moving onto the cartridges, and although the flavors seemed impressive, they didn't last quite as long as we would have hoped. When you consider that the Premium 100 cartridges are said to last 350 puffs, you can only imagine how disappointed we were. Most people, if not all will tell you that Blu ecig are crap. Congrats on your first step. These devices aren't for the faint-hearted.If someone gave Mountain Clove cartomizer to you and didn't tell you what's in it you'd either say oh, there's clove, that's funny or what the heck is clove doing here, depending on whether you like the experience or not.Moving into more advanced starter kits, VaporFi has released the Rebel and the Rebel II. Spotted on the streets of New York City last week, immediately following her appearance on "The View" at ABC Studios, Katherine Heigl was snapped smoking a SmokeStik electronic cigarette.

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If you don't want to deal with the complexity of a SMPS, there are tanks out there designed for custom coil winding. Not to mention that even at the most conservative voltage, this thing must be running way outside the current spec for this regulator.With regard to this hack”, I'm gonna say it's a pretty poor one. While SAVE 30% at V2.COM - Limited Sale On NOW reading several comments that argue about relation of ‘being dumb' and smoking, I was surprised that there were quite alot of comments before Generic Human pointed out about the poor design of this hack. Funnily enough around 250c the vegetable glycerine will start to decompose and form acrolein, which was previously used as a chemical weapon.You realise that the heating element gets hotter than 212F (100C), no the syrup is not boiling when it's in your pocket, but it is boiling when it's going through the atomizer. The first is that some people simply enjoy the physical act of smoking, but would like to avoid the nicotine. What's the point, you might as well smoke water or suck on a Chupa Chup.But what I do hope is that those who haven't yet started with these disgusting, harmful habits will read replies like some of the ones here and realize just what the magnitude of risk is that they're exposing themselves to… that's all I can hope for. If you were smart enough to have your mind changed, you wouldn't be smoking/vaping in the first place. If you're too dumb to understand that, then by all means puff away on anything you can cram into your pipe.What there is, though, is a bunch of folks trying to point out that taking these kinds of unnecessary and foolhardy risks is absolutely absurd. No one's trying to take your toys away or deprive you of happiness… there's no conspiracy. At least most of the rest of our pollutants have some degree of dispersion prior to being breathed in.Why the hell would you want to accellerate that harm by directly inhaling a cocktail of unknown ingredients straight into your lungs? We breathe in shitloads of crap every day, no thanks to any number of factors, but just because that's the way it is doesn't mean it's not doing us harm. I have no idea what industry groups are pushing what agendas, etc… My opinions are strictly my own, I've held them since day one, and I will continue to hold them, because I am both a scientist and a student of history.I have nothing good to say for traditional cigs either. And yet here you are puffing away like you're bullet-proof. No one has done any long term studies on effects to health (hasn't been around long enough, duh).

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