v2 electronic cigarette 2013
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Full Review of V2 Cig’s Line of Electronic Cigarettes

If you’re going to smoke e-cigarettes, then you want the best. The best is V2 Cigs.

v2 electronic cigarette 2013

V2 Cigs is shaking up the e-cigarette game in ways that are surprising for such a young company. They’ve only been around a few years, but they’re growing fast and they have no plans on stopping. They’ve stumbled a long the way, sure. A website that wasn’t quite up to snuff and sometimes it took too long to get an order, but who hasn’t gone through an awkward stage? V2 Cigs just needed to get adjusted to it’s new size and success. And now that it’s had the time, V2 Cigs aren’t just successful, they’re dominating this explosive industry.

I don’t expect a lot from a big company. We’ve all be knocked around by the big guys enough times. If it’s not inferior merchandise, it’s built in obsolesce or high prices for low quality. So, if you go to Alexa.com to see what kind of web traffic the V2 Cigs site does and you see that they’re the most popular e-cigarette supplier on the ‘net you might get a little wary. What if these guys are like those other companies that get big and stop worrying about quality.


V2 Cigs is 2012’s Best E-Cigarette

But not every company is bad. There has to be good guys out there and after I got my Ultimate Starter Kit from V2 Cigs I knew they were one of the good guys. V2 Cigs understands an important thing about their market: e-cigarette smokers enjoy smoking, but they don’t want to smoke traditional cigarettes anymore. They want something healthier, but if an electronic cigarette isn’t just as good or better than a regular cigarette the product won’t stick. There’s a lot of e-cigarettes out there like Blu Cig and NJOY, but they’ve got their priorities crooked. They’re more concerned about the hype of new technology instead of making that technology work the best it can. They keep using the same old models instead of trying to advance their product. It’s too bad no one can smoke hype.


V2 Cigs is All About Quality

V2 Cigs became a big dog in the industry by getting things right and never settling. They’re improving their product and their services all the time. They stay on the cutting-edge of the latest in electronic cigarette technology to maximize both ease of use and pleasure. And they make sure they can offer it all to you: accessories,

e-liquids, top of the line service and enough starter kits to suit anyone no matter what their needs. V2 Cigs gets every step of the process right. Everything’s been fine-tuned from the shipping process to the safety measures. Things you don’t really notice until someone does them really well like packaging and well written instruction manuals. The service doesn’t stop once the product gets shipped, either. V2 Cigs has put together a smart and personable troubleshooting staff that genuinely knows what they’re doing. Electronic cigarettes are still very new and what new customer doesn’t like knowing that there’s a great team of people ready to help with any troubles that may come up.

There’s a lot of indicators of just how good V2 Cigs is. There’s the aforementioned statistics on web traffic for the V2 Cigs website that can be found on Alexa.com. There’s also the fact that V2 Cigs has joined forces with the international shipping powerhouse UPS. Previously, V2 Cigs used the United States Postal Service, but too many times this left customers waiting and waiting to get what they purchased. UPS and V2 Cigs are the perfect fit: two trusted companies at the top of their fields working together for the customer.

V2 Cigs also makes everything on-site. They don’t buy their product from some other company, they manufacture it themselves. This gives them a level of quality control that other companies don’t even come close to. V2 Cigs designs their products, they make their products and they rigorously test their products. They’re involved every step of the way making sure they’re creating the finest technology and equipment to make vaping as enjoyable as possible.


v2 cigs review

An Overview of the V2 Cigs

Starter Kit Catalog

Whether you’re new to the whole concept of electronic smoking or just new to e-smoking as crafted by V2 Cigs a V2 Cigs starter kit is an excellent jumping off point. The company’s superlative effort and merit is reflected in all their kits from the most basic to the biggest. This is another divider between V2 Cigs and the competition. Some suppliers, let’s be honest, most suppliers buy all the components of a kit in one big bundle from the same place.

They get everything generic, paint their name and logo on it, jack the price up as high as they can get away with and sell you the same batteries, the same vapor cartridges, the same everything that every other company is selling. What’s more is it’s usually foreign made. Not V2 Cigs, that’s not how they do business. Their products come from America and they’ll never sell you the same old stuff because that’s not good enough for them or their customers. Here’s what you get when you go with a starter kit fromV2 Cigs:

Naturally, you’re going to get batteries and these batteries have a nice matte finish that really makes pop. You’re also going to get a charger, of course and you can’t vape without the liquid that fuels an e-cigarette, so you get that too. The liquid cartridges are delicious, they have a range of flavors and they’re easy to puff. These three things are the basic elements of an electronic cigarette, all made to the high standards of V2 Cigs and they come in every starter kit. There’s a whole world of V2 Cigs Starter Kits the range from the amazing low of $25.98 and going up to the biggest with $189.95. So, whether you’re feeling thrifty or you want to pamper yourself with a truly deluxe luxury they have something for you. As mentioned, they all come with the basics that will get you started with enjoying electronic smoking as brought to you by V2 Cigs, but the higher you go the more you get. For just a little extra money you can get more flavors and more accessories.

V2 Cigs offers five different kind of starter kits. I’m not going to talk about all of them, because some of them are kind of similar. They just offer different kinds of the products the other ones do. If you want to know more about the kits I don’t mention just go online to V2cigs.com and check out the store. Let’s take a look at what a few of the different kinds of packages are:

V2 Cigs Makes The Best CIGALIKE Starter Kits for ECIGS of any Competing Brand In The World - Priced for Every Budget Too

V2 Cigs Makes The Best CIGALIKE Starter Kits for ECIGS of any Competing Brand In The World – Priced for Every Budget Too

The $25.98 Express Kit:

V2 Cigs offers one of the most amazing deals available. The ratio of quality to price is so amazing I can’t even use the word “cheap” to describe it. Not only does it go way beyond cheap, but also this equipment is so good it doesn’t deserve any kind of association with that word. It’s not very comprehensive, you’re not going to be getting everything, but you’ll get the essentials that will introduce you to the world of V2 Cigs and e-cigarettes for a low fee. For just $25.98 you get one of their high quality batteries and it’s accompanying USB charger. You’re only going to get one cartridge, so if you get this pack you will probably want to also get a pack of flavor cartridges. When your starter cartridge runs out you don’t want to have to sit around for more to come. Overall, this kit is great for dipping your toe into the water and really seeing what sets V2 Cigs apart from the rest.

Now, if you’re wondering what I mean by an ecig USB charger, I mean that you can charge your e-cigarette using your computer. You plug it in like it’s a flash drive or an MP3 player and it just draws electricity right through your computer. This can be a little annoying, because if you don’t have your laptop with you or if you don’t even have a laptop you’re out of luck. However, if you’re like me and you have your laptop on you most of the time it’s tremendous, it’s one of the handiest pieces of technology I have. There’s a lot of places where you don’t have access to a wall outlet, but if I’m at a coffee shop or on a bus I can plug my e-cig and it’ll be good to go by the time I’m good to go.

The $29.95 E-Cigarette Package

That’s right, we’re still under $30 and for less than $4 step up from the Express Kit you get everything from the Express Kit plus five extra cartridges. Not only that, but you get to choose the flavor of cartridges. So, the battery, the handy USB charger and a starter cartridge, plus five more cartridges. This is perfect for really getting you moving in the world of e-smoking. The cartridges don’t just taste good and pull easy, they also have a nice long life. So you’ll be set for a bit.

The $59.95 Economy Kit

This is the top choice for a V2 Cigs Starter Kit. It’s more than reasonably priced for a comprehensive, well stocked e-cigarette package. If you go looking for other similar packages from other companies, you’ll find that the Economy Kit is similarly priced, but it’s so much better because V2 is committed to producing the best without gouging you. With this you’re still getting your essentials: a battery, a USB charger and also a wall charger. So, if you don’t like the idea of being tethered to a laptop to charge your e-cig the Economy Kit is a great choice. You also get 10 cartridges and you still get to choose what delicious flavor you want them to be.

The $189.95 Ultimate Kit

Some people don’t realize that “ultimate” doesn’t just mean awesome, which this kit is, but it also means last. As in, the last kit you’re going to need for a very long time because this incredible kit is jam-packed with merchandise. It comes with everything. This time you’re not just getting one battery, you’re getting three and this time you get to choose the size and whether it’s automatic or manual. You get all the chargers from before, the USB charger and the wall outlet charger, but now you also get a car charger. At this point, you’ll have to put in effort to find yourself in a place where you won’t be able to charge you e-cig. V2 Cigs also gives you two carrying cases, one is just for carrying, the other’s for charging. On top of all of that, you’re getting 25 flavor catridges, that is five packs of five cartridges and you get to choose the strength and flavor of each.

If all of that doesn’t sound like it justifies the $189.95 price tag, think about this: a traditional cigarette can only be smoked once. You smoke it and throw it on the ground. With V2 Cigs’ e-cigarette you get a long lasting smoke. It’s lasts and lasts and with 25 liquid cartridges you’re not going to run out any time soon. You’ll still be smoking long after even 25 packs of normals cigarettes would be done and gone.

V2 Cigs Provides Variety for Even The Smallest Components

The V2 Cigs Battery

There’s three kinds of batteries you can get for your e-cigarette: the short (100mm), the standard (110mm) and the long (140mm). With all those sizes you can choose whether the battery is automatic or manual. When using a manual battery you have to press a button to produce the vapor you inhale. On the other hand, the automatic battery senses when you’re inhaling and produces the vapor by itself. Both kinds have their benefits. The automatic is obviously really convenient and more like a traditional cigarette. Meanwhile, the manual might more consistently produce a thicker vapor. Not only is V2 Cigs providing excellent variety and exceptional quality, they’re making it affordable. For only $20.00 you can get a short battery and the longest size is only $30.00. On top of all that, even batteries are on V2 Cigs’ radar for improvement and advancement. Recently, they released a 4.2 volt battery that blows other batteries out of the water. These batteries have that matte finish that doesn’t just make it look good. It also makes it easier to grip, it won’t slide out of your hand. That V2 Cigs is taking strides make every part of their product look good just shows you how committed they are. It’s not all about looks, though. The 4.2 volt battery last a long time and always produces quality vapor.

The V2 Cigs Flavor Cartridge Shop

You can’t have an e-cig without your cartridges, which you might also hear called cartomizers. Every supplier has cartridges that deliver nicotine and flavor, but none of them can match V2 Cigs’ low cost and quality of flavor. At first look, you might be a little disappointed that V2 Cigs doesn’t offer a wider range of flavors. All in all, V2 has about 11 flavors, but they’re well-made and come in three categories: rich tobacco (for your full flavor taste), menthol (obviously, varying levels of menthol taste including Cool and Peppermint) and speciality (non-traditional flavors like Cherry and V2 Cola). If you’re still not satisfied think about this: how many different kinds of cigarettes do you smoke? I know I have my brand and I might try something different every once in awhile, but I generally stick with what I like. And there’s still the five specialty flavors to try out. It’s worth it because they’re pretty delicious. Generally, if you want a flavored smoke you have to buy a cheap cigar from a gas station, but V2 Cigs is offering quality cartridges that taste like Chocolate, Vanilla and other flavors.

Aside from the great tasting flavors, V2 makes sure their e-liquid is top notch too. It always creates a nice, dense, satisfying smoke. They make sure they test every piece of equipment to make sure it’s going to work when it’s put into practice.

It’s not just the taste that’s good either, it’s the price. With V2 Cigs it is always about giving you a good price for the top quality. When you break it down, an individual cartridge would run you about $1.69. Now, they don’t sell them individually, but a long lasting, high quality 5-pack will only cost you $12.95. Your choice of flavor and strength. For 20, you’re looking at $44.95.

You get four 5-packs and you get to choose the flavor and strength for all of them. Bulk packs are great for exploring new flavors and getting the flavors you know you love. 40 cartridges amounts to $66.47, a package of 80 costs $129.95 and for 100 cartridges it’s only $225. It sounds like a lot, but it’s worth it and it’ll last you longer than you can even imagine.

Still not sure about the price? Got to V2cigs.com and you can compare the price of V2 Cigs’ cartidges with the price of normal cigarettes. You can also see how much cheaper they are than the cartridges of other popular brands like Green Smoke and Safe Cig. They even having a saving calculator that will help you figure out exactly how much you’re going to save. I’ll tell you right now, it’s going to be a lot and V2 Cigs’ price absolutely beats the competition.

Refills aren’t your only option if you don’t want to mess with them. Maybe you don’t want to waste time refilling cartridges or just don’t want the hassle. You can always get pre-loaded cartridges. I don’t mind refilling my own flavor cartridges, but I prefer the pre-loaded onces. They seem to taste a little better. The flavor’s just a bit sharper on a fresh cartridge.


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Other Benefits of V2 Cigs

As a smoker I know that the last thing a smoker wants to hear about it how smoking effects your health. We know, we’ve heard it all before. We can feel it in the mornings, we see the warning labels on every pack. We get it!

But until recently there was no real alternative to a cigarette. Sure, you could quit or chew gum, but that’s not an alternative. That’s a different thing. But now there’s electronic cigarettes and V2 Cigs is making them as close to real cigarettes as they can. Except they don’t put all the extra chemicals and dangerous things that make regular cigarettes so bad for you. It’s all the joys of smoking, without the carcinogens, tar and the guilt that you’re harming your body. It’s not just you that electronic cigarettes are helping, it’s the people around you. Second-hand smoke is a problem thanks to V2 Cigs. No more dirty looks or people coughing at you and no more hurting others with something you enjoy. It’s even good for the Earth’s health. You won’t be tossing butts down on the ground anymore.

It’s not just your inside that it takes care of either, it’s your outside too. I don’t reek like cigarettes anymore. I don’t have to worry about accidentally burning holes in my clothes or getting ash all over myself.

V2 Cigs Coupons

Not only do V2 Cigs makes the best e-cigarette on the market and not only do they give you above standard quality product for the cost of the market standard, but they’re willing to give it to you even cheaper.

And that’s what e-smoking is all about: saving money. An e-cigarette lasts way longer than a traditional cigarette. You’re not shelling out six dollars every day or every two days or whatever your routine is. You buy your V2 Cig’s e-cigarette, you buy your cartridges and it lasts. It’s saved me a ton of money, not just from buying cigarettes, but now I’m not going out of my way to drive to the store to pick up a pack every day.

The generous guys at V2 Cigs are helping you save before you even start using their e-cigarette. If you use the code EVAPE20 when you’re prompted you’re going to save money on your purchase. So, if you weren’t sure about making a purchase, if money’s tight and just don’t know with this coupon there’s no reason not to. You save money now and you save money later. It’s great!

Overview of V2 Cigs

V2 Cigs is the king of the e-smoking world according to industry leading review site Breathe Fresh ECIGS. They’re always working to make a better product, because the technology changes all the time. It’s not just their product that they’re trying to improve, they gave their website (V2cigs.com) a makeover because it just wasn’t cutting it. When using the post office wasn’t good for their customers, they partnered up with UPS to make sure their product was getting where it was supposed to go as fast as it can. And if there is a problem, they have a great support team that is always glad to help out the customers. You can reach them on the internet or by phone, they’re smart and they know the products inside and out.

They want to give the best to their customers and they want to do it at the best possible prices. The V2 Cigs team is made up of people who used to be smokers. They believe in their product, they believe the e-smoking is the best alternative to smoking and they want you to enjoy it as much as they do. They’ve even done everything they could to make their electronic cigarettes as close to a real cigarette as possible. It looks like a real cigarette, it feels like a real cigarette. Sometimes people don’t even notice that I’m smoking an electronic cigarette.

And they stand by their products. If you don’t like what you get you can get a full refund if you return your purchases in 30 days. Even better than that if anything breaks (aside from cartridges) they’ll send you a replacement. Everything has a full lifetime warranty. Batteries, chargers, any of the electric equipment. It’s not hard to see how V2 Cigs has gotten to the top of the hill. They’re dedicated, they make amazing products and they take care of their customers. I couldn’t imagine buying my e-cigarette stuff from any other company.

V2 Cigs Review 2014 – ECO Friendly Smoking Alternative